Science is at the heart of the UBI Group. We work together around the globe to discover solutions to some of the most complex health challenges to make life better for mankind.

Our Values

Our success depends on scientific innovation. We listen to the data and apply the valuable lessons learned from our ongoing research This not only applies to our programs, it also applies to our operational methods and our decision-making process; it is the way we operate, making sound decisions based on tangible information.

  *Communicate clearly, openly and respectfully.

We encourage open dialogue and welcome a diversity of opinion and ideas. Respectful communication plays a vital role in helping to develop an understanding. Understanding bolsters cooperation; cooperation leads to success. At the UBI Group, we strive to listen carefully, speak articulately and write concisely. Everyone’s input is respectfully considered and welcome.

  *United in teams and collaborations. We’re a heterogeneous crew from varying backgrounds. We leverage the knowledge and experience of collaborators who have spent decades becoming experts. Together, we can achieve more, better, faster.

  *Learn and help others learn. Be curious. Learn rapidly. Ask questions and be eager to answer others’ questions. Seek to understand why we are doing things, our strategy, our business. You can add value outside your specialty.

  *Act with integrity. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be ethical and honest. Be quick to take responsibility.

  *Be proactive. Find ways to help and contribute. Accomplish amazing important work. Focus on great results.

Our team is our foundation. We trust each of our members who share the UBI mission and purpose. Our team will transcend all boundaries with their best effort to meet each and every challenge. Our integrity is never compromised while we strive to achieve our milestones.

If you want to join a dynamic team and are looking to make a difference, please contact us.