United Biomedical, Inc.

We are an entrepreneurial biopharmaceutical company committed to delivering life-changing solutions to improve global health. We dedicate our scientific rigor to maintaining an innovation-driven, patient-oriented culture with outstanding execution and continuous improvement to fight diseases and improve medical interventions with unmet need.

Our foundation is our people. We transcend geographical boundaries to meet the ever-changing challenges of disease treatment. We believe that leadership is based on the courage to take risks, a sense of urgency, respect for people and the assurance that our integrity is never compromised.

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Press Releases and Media Coverage

  • 2019/07/20
    A vaccine for Alzheimer’s is on the verge of becoming a reality
  • 2019/06/06
    Is an Alzheimer’s Cure on the Horizon?
  • 2019/06/11
    United BioPharma Receives US FDA Approval for UB-621 Phase 2 Trial in Recurrent Genital Herpes Patients

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