Telluride, CO (March 19, 2020) –United Biomedical, Inc. (UBI) and its subsidiary c19 are taking on the COVID-19 pandemic by partnering with San Miguel County, Colorado, to be the first in the United States to test an entire county with their COVID-19 antibody test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The testing is being offered free of charge by UBI and c19 and will be administered by the Public Health Department of San Miguel County, with the goal of detecting and containing community spread, and providing a more accurate assessment of disease prevalence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the UBI Group?

UBI Group was founded in 1985 and currently has over 5 operating entities and 950 employees globally. We have facilities in China, Taiwan, Ireland and the US. For the past three decades, we have developed, manufactured and sold HIV, HCV, HTLV and FMDV blood diagnostic kits worldwide through various distribution partners including Organon Teknika and BioMerieux. We have also developed, manufactured and sold over 4.5 billion vaccines and ~500 million doses annually through partners. Dr. Chang Yi Wang, our Chief Scientific Officer, is inventor and author of over 100 patents and peer-reviewed publications. She has, together with the UBI team, pioneered the employment of antigenic peptides in the development of 4 blood screening test kits for detection of antibodies to HIV, HCV, HTLV I/II and FMDV for identification and differentiation of viral infections and 2 licensed synthetic peptide based vaccines (FMDV and LHRH) which are globally distributed. She has been awarded Inventor of the Year Award (NYPLA), Pioneer in Technology Award (BMSF), and recipient of funding from Gates Foundation, MOEA and multiple NIH grants over $20M, including for SARS antibody screening diagnostic work. She is currently collaborating with Dr. Anthony Fauci/NIAID and colleagues on HIV functional cure program, and discussed extensively with Dr. Redfield in this area, both leaders in the coronavirus response today.